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Sometimes the music just hits in the most powerful way. 🎶 •• We are human. We are imperfect. I want you to know it's okay to release your energy through shedding tears. 💧 •• Know that there is power in being vulnerable. Remember you are the beginning of the transformed world. 🌍
We're all part of a beautiful circle ❤️ Follow that whisper in your heart, that thing that excites you that you've always wanted to do, but never tried. The little things that make you happy. Do this and your light will shine like a bright torch, inspiring those around you ❤️ #justbeyou #youreamazing . . . Graphic by the incredible @growyourwild ✨❤️
Just like we spend so much energy worrying about what we put in our body through consumption (food, drinks, etc.) we should spend just as much time questioning what we are putting in our bodies when we take medicine/prescriptions in any form. What is really in that pill? What is it really doing to your body? For example, your birth control pills. What are they really doing? Are they just magically preventing pregnancy? Do you know how the work? If you take them every day, you really should know! If you don't know, let me give you a brief explanation of what birth control pills are doing to your body. Birth control pills are essentially made of chemical compounds that, once ingested in your system, look just like the hormones that your body creates (estrogen and progesterone). So your body sees these things that look like hormones, thinks that they are real hormones, and registers that you now have an excess of a particular hormone. (Different birth controls have different amounts of certain hormones, so I can't speak specifically here.) Your body will now prevent you from ovulating (releasing an egg so you can get pregnant), because the birth control pills have now made your body think that your hormone levels are the amount that they should be if you are in the part of your cycle when you should not ovulate. So, no, birth control pills don't magically prevent pregnancy. They artificially alter your hormone levels to trick your body into thinking you don't need to ovulate. Know what you put in your body.
Good morning!! I just got done learning to flow in my yoga session and let me tell you....I'm not that great at it! I don't have any kind of rhythm when it comes to moving my body (I can bust out a mean macarena though, so I have that going for me) but that is why I am committed to showing up everyday. -You don't have to be great at something to enjoy it. Let that inner unicorn out you badass!! - - - - - - - #yoga #flow #gowiththeflow #unicorn #strong #fitness #fitnessmotivation #transformation #stayhydrated #sweating #fitgirl #day4 #youreamazing #healty #health #flex #stretch #youreamagicalbadass
This piece was inspired by my lovely friend mia ❤️ this one was for the theme "revelation of a Person"