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Be someone's sunshine today!🔆
I went shopping with my sister and sweet niece a few weeks ago, and surprisingly, nothing really stood out to me in the store. As we were leaving, I randomly noticed this book, and I got a tug on my heart to buy it and read it. It's called "You're Already Amazing" by Holly Gerth. Later that day, I found it on Amazon (they literally have everything, right?) and purchased it. Everyone that knows me knows that I really REALLY dislike reading, but I read this book nonstop. For those who feel overwhelmed, exhausted or feel like they're stuck with no way out (which is most of us even though we won't admit it), this book was written for you! It's so encouraging and insightful, and it has completely changed my perspective on things. I HIGHLY recommend it to any lady out there no matter what road you find yourself on. PS- it was written by a Texas gal, so the lingo is very relatable too 😉 Let me know what y'all think! #thankful #christian #amazing #loveyourself #love #book #youreamazing
I know this isn't my positive account but oh well. • • Please read all if you can 🌻 To the people in this world who don't think they are good enough or who think they are worthless. You're not. I know I say this a lot but it's true. You're literally so lucky to be alive and to able to experience amazing things like sunsets and friendships and to do things like taking a walk on the beach or going out in the world and discovering new things. If you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve amazing things! I believe in you 💪 I know some days may seem hard and you just want to give up but you'll be looking back at yourself in the future and you'll be glad you never gave up. 💖 To the ones who don't think they're beautiful. I don't even know where to start honestly. I'm not going to say the generic "you're beautiful the way you are" This time instead I'm going to say something else. Literally the only time you have ever seen yourself is in a mirror or in pictures. You don't really know what you look like to other people. You may think you look ugly from looking at your reflection, but someone may think the total opposite. Just because you don't look like another person or you don't look like a model doesn't mean you're not beautiful. Beauty is way more then just your outer appearance. Beauty is what comes from inside your heart. Beauty is kindness and loving others. Beauty is loving yourself for who you are. Each and every one of you are beautiful. Not in the same way as everyone else. Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way 🌼 To the ones who think they aren't loved. You are! ❤ I love you. So many others love you. Some people may just have a hard time showing it but trust me you are worth it and you are loved. 🌻 Let me talk about kindness. Kindness is something I always talk about. It's free to give and it's great. There is so much hate in this world so why not spread kindness. Everyone can do it. Please go on. Don't give up. I believe in you. • Emily Hoffman 💖 • #positive #kindness #beauty #love #positive #share #kind #smilemore #smile #loveyou #post #like #follow #goodvibes #yourebeautiful #youreamazing This is a permanent post 💘
For that person that got up today not feeling so great, whose day didn't get better. I just wanted to let you know it will get better. You're life has a purpose, and one day you for sure you will be able to look back on today from a better day with understanding. You matter, you are loved, and G-d cares. Someone is praying for you, so be encouraged #MondayMotivation #BeEncouraged #Encouragement #GodCares #YoureAmazing #YouMatter #YourLifeHasPurpose #YourLifeHasAPurpose #hashtag #BeNice #MentalHealth #EncourageSomeone #MentalGrowth #7ixEleven #Monday #Motivation #Depression #care #Compassion #Caring #Purpose #BeBold #LiveBold
And then all of a sudden.... I'm a marathoner! How happy am I right now!!! Well done to my amazing running family today on their running effort too - @run_mandy_run I'm so proud of you and your running journey! @kjrunningisfun @alleycat1970 @k_wis_ thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support today. Last and by no means least @runninginsaucony .... you are undoubtedly the best friend I could ever ask for. Your support was the reason why I got this far and got the job done today. I love you to bits Benno!! Xx #canberrainstarunners #sydneyinstarunners #runnersofinstagram #melbourneinstarunners #melbmara #thisis40 #marathoner #adidas #steigen #asics #flipbelt #rundownunder #runninghumans #marathon2017 #marathongoals #soproudofme #runner #run