The best things in life are free 🍂
you caught me staring but I caught you staring back 😏
Healthy & happy. Life is good. ☺️
where my mind is clear & my heart is happy 💦
Occasionally I go out, but I'm more of a stay in and watch Netflix kind of girl ✌🏼️
You know what's better than looking like your favorite "ig model"? Looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see. You are always going to be you, so it's about time you start loving yourself for everything you are instead of picking yourself apart for everything you're not. Every body is beautiful, it's just a perception that makes them look like their not. Beauty is subjective, but I think that someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin is appealing to everyone.
Working on my summer six-pack, one sip at a time 😏
Keep moving forward. The only time I'm looking back is to check my progress in the mirror 😏
Sail away with me ⚓️
Sometimes we get so caught up with life we forget to sit back and take it all in ⛰