In case you heard about the hammering we got this January and wondered what it's like driving out of my neighborhood on the way to go #skiing 🎥vc: Brian #snow #truckee #timelapse
We have the most badass snow removal equipment here in the #mountains We had a few feet of snow down at the house last week, followed by a few days of nonstop rain, which turned to snow yesterday. Like a lot with more coming 🌬❄️☃️ #snow #machine #truckee #california
The trees were holding as much snow as possible. After 3 plus days of nonstop snow, their limbs must've been exhausted! #snow #tahoe #lake
So proud of this kid everyday but check this out- he and 3 of his classmates made this as a proposed exhibit for The Kidszone Museum to help kids (or anybody) learn how to tie a few nots and tie your shoes! They designed and built this with tools. We love our school! #expeditionarylearning #sels #crew