My tree is ready to go! Got a few more Christmas touches I’d like to do to my apartment before I start filming Patreon content for December. Here’s a peek at some of my new @honeybirdette lingerie that I’ll be wearing in my New Years January content. Getting ahead and it feels good!
Can always count on @honeybirdette to make me feel this fire. ❤️ - My Snapchat story has been lit, here’s 2 posts from the little snap set I did last night. Visit VERABAMBI.COM and click SNAPCHAT so you don’t miss out on the next one 😘
Getting ready for Christmas with Chloe from @HoneyBirdette 🎄 I’m a huge sucker for holidays, I love decorating, wearing dorky outfits, eating themed junk food and making my family and friends smile. I hate how broke Christmas makes me but I love how happy everyone is when they open the gifts I got for them, it’s my favourite feeling. What holiday are you celebrating this time of year and what’s your favourite thing about it?
Another selfie from last night
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Loving my new @honeybirdette ❤️ . . Patrons see the uncensored pic. VERABAMBI.COM
I was just going through my phone and I have a LOT of pics in this lingerie. Decided my Patreon gets ANOTHER set this month. So I think that’s either 4 or 5 photosets this month... lol... calm your tits Vera!!!! WWW.PATREON.COM/VERABAMBI
ONLINE TWITCH PLAYING OVERWATCH! Come watch how terrible I am.
@honeybirdette sent me some beautiful things. This lingerie set is one of them. I filmed a video showing off all the goodies, but I’m not happy with it so I’m going to re-film soon.
I can always count on Lucifer to bring me back to earth. Just thinking about how much I love this damn cat fills my eyes with literal tears. This is my baby! You’d think I carried him in my stomach. He’s my alarm clock, my fur ball to cry on, my warm hug when I’m too lazy to go get a blanket, my constant reminder of what’s important, my responsibility, and that subtle pain in my ass ❤️ He talks to me without speaking, gets me out of my bubble when I’ve been working too hard and runs to the door before I hear anybody knock. I was taking sexy pics when Lu decided he would join me. This is my fave pic I’ve taken in a while ❤️ I’m so happy he’s been so healthy, because if anything happens to this cat, I lose a huge part of myself. I can’t handle that shit. @lucifer.catitude
HELL YES! WE JUST REACHED 666K followers!!! I was waiting for this moment. 😂😈 Thank you for being here! Welcome to all the newcomers ❤️ this is dope!
FLOYD BABY! Did you know the sex flowers you see on my shirt, are also tattooed on my arm? I like to tell people I have a vagina tattooed on me, because, well... I do
Oh hello, good morning!
💋 - second attempt uploading this, my cover image didn’t save 🙃
HELLO AND WELCOME! Want to take a second to say hi to all the new people here. My name is Vera, V or Bambi, any of those work 😜 welcome to the Bam Fam!! I’m a lingerie model, YouTuber, sexy content cosplayer, makeup artist, social media fanatic, and completely lame person. I also stream on twitch and most importantly, I provide new content every month to my patreon. When it comes to my free time, I cosplay, edit videos, and play Overwatch until my hands want to fall off. Everything you see online is my life, it’s just what I love to do. HELLO AND WELCOME TO EVERYONE! Also, a repost for those of you who have been here ❤️ hi guys 😜 . This is my #Vampirella
I need to get back to the gym, I’ve been so focused on work, I forget my body is a big part of my job. Not just my job though, my soul, I love the gym. I should be back to it next week. Can’t wait!!