Who wants a VL🦃G?!? Link in the dang bio. Time to watch the turkey week extravaganza 😆
When your decor/design esthetic comes together with some yummy cookie nomz 😋 #Aldi
Pro tip: When its a little too “people” on the weekends wait until an hour before closing to do your shopping 🛒 #Aldi #GetOutOfMyWay #CartRage
Sleeping arrangements 🛏
Today I worked on my kitchen cabinet upper decor. I have HUGE vaulted ceilings and I needed to fill the space with some of my favorite things. What do you think??? (sources tagged). Ps. The cabinets will become white at some point #GoldenOakIsTheWorst 🏡 #FDEHome
Planning out Thanksgiving Day in the ye ole planner 🦃 My favorite brother is going to be in town and then we are heading to my uncles house to (wait for it.....) watch the football 🏈 #Sportz and then eat our faces off. Note to self: wear stretchy pants! What are your plans for thanksgiving??? Let me know in the comments #GobbleGobble
Prepping for next week using my @erincondren wall calendar 📆 (all sticker shops are tagged)
Remember when I went to the emergency room a few months back??? 🏥 Well this is my out of pocket final bill (not counting radiology) And THIS is why I have my fully funded emergency fund in place. Following the @daveramsey plan has been such a positive shift in my life. #DebtFree #PaidInFull Edit: YES❗️ I have health insurance. They only covered the $311.85 you see at the bottom
Working on an extra special project for an extra special person #Washi
Finally purchased a tree 🌲 from @target I can’t wait to should y’all all my HOLIDAY decor 😉
Whoopsie! 🚔 The officer was very pleasant and only gave me a warning ⚠️ ps. I was jammin out to my @daveramsey financial podcast and forgot how fast I was going... #SuperFastNerd
There is a whole lot of HOL🌲DAY shenanigans in my damn planner 😱
Just ordered mine.... did you get yours? Show me your hands in the comments 🤘🏼 ps. There is a clickable link to the EC site in my bio (affiliate link)
Surprise!!!!!! There is an updated PWM up on my channel. I switch up my “style” a bit and I wanted to share 😍 Link in my bio 🎥