Meet Chuck! He's a total stud that deserves a loving home. He loves short car rides and long walks at the park! Help @FrenchiesPifou and I find him a home outside of the shelter! 🐾
Okay, I came out of hiding... but only to pick up my new #ThomBrowne glasses. Hit me up when he's impeached, I wanna see this. 👓
Good #Morning #Monday! We got a big week ahead. Time to move into the new space. 🙌🏼
Happy #Friday! So ready for this weekend. 🙌🏼
Just so we're all on the same page, #Trump is about to repeal #Obama's stream protection laws legalizing mining companies to dump waste into streams.... but Hey, isn't this rain just lovely!
Who knew one day I would learn to eat #Veggies. 💪🏼
*Disappears into bushes... hit me up in 4 to 8 yrs. 🚀
Must eat everything in sight! 🙈 #Gains
#GoodMorning ☀️Hope everyone has an awesome day 🙌🏼