My last day of being 36!! I have accomplished a lot at the age of 36, even crossed things off my bucket list. My biggest accomplishment Graduating college. I never finished Highschool which is one of my biggest regrets, however I am a Highschool dropout with 2 college degrees. I have had my ups and downs, more downs than I would've liked this year, but I conquered all and made this 36 year old stronger than ever and ready to conquer 37!! I have learned I get better with age, i dont feel older yet wiser each year. So I'm ready to wake up and start my 37th year โค #happybirthdaytome #37candles #getsbetterwithage #likeafinewine #selfie #greyeyeditalian #greyeyes #italiancanadian
DEAR BABY BRUDDER @kvnckjr We have had 28 wonderful (and sometimes bad) years together... Where to begin, I remember your first step, the day we cut off your baby mullet, Spice Girls, watching a particular movie eating hotdogs (inside joke)... Oh I cant forget you stealing my New Kids on the Block dolls, which I never did get them back.... We have gone on many journeys together in your 28 years since birth and we have shared even more memories!! We Laugh together, we've cried together, and we have (and still do) fight as siblings do best. I would NOT change a single moment I have shared with you. You may have taken away my "only child status" in 1989, but I'm glad you did, you are more than just my baby brudder you are my Best Friend for life โค Love you always to the moon and and back!! Happpppy happppy 28th birthday baby brudder and in 2 years you'll be 30!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ #birthdayboy #happybirthday #babybrother #family #youralmost30 #1989 #bestfriend #siblings