Being in LA was such an eye-opener. Being surrounded by so many other talented people in the industry was an amazing experience! You learn of the highs, and the lows. The rise and demise. Literally people from all over the nation come to LA with high hopes, the biggest dreams and aspirations. Be it a film star, singer, producer or photographer for that matter. You don't know the sacrifice some people will go to achieve their dreams. I know people who are waitresses during the day and then go to auditions 24/7 during evening hours. They can barely pay rent or even just live. That's the sacrifice of Hollywood. That's what it sometimes takes. People always say: "There's so much competition, what's the good?" Well, as a fellow photographer once told me: "There's room for everyone." I truly believe that. The reason why I do what I do, is because I really, really enjoy it. It means lots to me. Yes, there is always going to be bigger, and better and more famous people than you, but you gotta just push forward and be the best YOU can be. Don't compare your work to someone else's. You should look at your work from today, and you should be comparing it to yesterday's. You should be growing on your own path. You shouldn't be looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. YOU SHOULD BE the light at the end of the tunnel. The sun in the darkness. This isn't just for photographers, I believe it's for anyone in any industry. Strive to be your best! One day you won't be just another photographer. Just another florist. You will be THE florist. Rich, and famous!😂 Anyhow, in other news... I'm flying back to NY tomorrow, so if any of y'all wanna shoot, DM. 😂🙏 #hollywood #losangeles #la #california #hollywoodblvd #sunset #sunsetblvd #media #photographer #inspirational #writer #events #portraits #guitar #musicianslife #celebrity #fame #famous #redcarpet #tv #movie #actor #model #casting #producer #streetphotography #photoshoot #singer #nyc #capitolrecords
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