There are lots of things they tell you that suck about growing up. While I won't deny that paying for everything yourself is a downer, missing out on seeing people you treasure because your schedules never match is the worst to have to get used to. We're both chasing our dreams, but I miss her.
Today I chased dodgy teens out of cotton on to try and get a shirt they stole back, who said retail is boring? Mua: the very admirable @vikki_aldridge_makeupnailshair 💕
Lil flashback bts before tomorrow 😊
I'm not 100% sure what life plans for me, but I am 100% thankful for everything that has lead me to you.
Owner of this arm is the man of my dreams. Suffering serious holiday attachment issues
Don't ask why I always tilt my head I couldn't tell ya
A year ago me was enjoying school holidays. Today me would like to have a successful day of looking at places to move in to.
Quick selfie with the legendary land that is Karijini national park. Let the myriad of posts begin 🌞
Growing up a bit makes you enjoy the smaller things in life
More photos of my face lmao
Couldn't let him have all the attention. Haines family luck strikes again
New friends made and great times had #gtm
Happy birthday you complete nutter ❤️
Adult checklist: quiz night participation ✔️ Fully assured in my lack of knowledge about politics but willing to give it a crack.