Growing up a bit makes you enjoy the smaller things in life
More photos of my face lmao
Couldn't let him have all the attention. Haines family luck strikes again
More GTM spam, sorry I miss the weekend.
New friends made and great times had #gtm
Happy birthday you complete nutter ❤️
Adult checklist: quiz night participation ✔️ Fully assured in my lack of knowledge about politics but willing to give it a crack.
One of many takes. 😂 So happy that @sammakeupartist offered to do my make up for a night out, proved to be not only beautiful makeup but also amazing company. Thank you incredible amounts ❤ #bobbibrown @australia
Spot the difference 🤓❌
Calling all year 11/12 psych students. I'm that weird chick that gets crazy excited whenever the brain comes up in conversation (which isn't as often as I'd like.) Studying neuroscience this year is furthering both my excitement and my knowledge of all things psychological. Don't mean to toot my own horn but I performed extremely well throughout my upper school learning in the subject, and would absolutely love to help anyone who feels they need a hand on grasping concepts, or on how to write psychologically/understand the terminology. As a tutor I'll provide a reasonable rate, snacks (including coffee), a confidant for you to let some of your stress filled steam out about all things ATAR (been there) and of course knowledge to help you feel more confident and ideally ace anything your teacher throws at you. If you're interested I'm offering first session half price, just send me a message on here or to my Facebook :)
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