Didn't know what to post so here's a pic of me doing something weird (as usual) but that's not the point... I wrote something down on my computer the other night and I wanted to share it with u guys 🌻 // I feel so lucky to have my own personality. We are all different, we all have our own tastes, dreams, feelings. We also all have our own way of thinking and seeing the world we live in. We all have our own way to deal with something that upset us. We can be whoever we want to be, wherever we want to. I find it magical when you look around you and see all those people having their own style. We are unique and we should learn how to be happy with ourselves without wanting more. I find pieces of happiness all around me. For instance, when I put my favorite record on, when I write down songs that I'm probably never gonna show, when I play the guitar, when i'm just by my own, all alone in my room with just my light up, the one tangled up with my bed. Spending time with people I love and meeting new ones. Going to gigs and scream as loud as I can because this band in front of me is giving me shivers. I also love planning my future trips especially in England. Pretending that I'm a kid from the 80s and being proud of what I achieved so far in my life. So many things make me happy and so many other things make us unique. // 🌻 (MY TEXT) #rock #indie #80s #90s #england #text #thoughts #mirror #l4l #f4f #paris #france #band #the1975 #thebeatles #ratboy