Big shoutout to Phil heath, 7 times Mr Olympia! Barely won over Big ramy but He brought it home! 💪 @philheath #teamheath
More than a year since last post had a huge break hope you guys still is sort of loyal 😂💪
Some quick and delicious breakfast. • 2 whole eggs • 2 bananas • Some bread • Some cheese • A quick snack
Too be honest I'm not the type of person to post 3 pages long motivational speeches so I will make it briefly. JUST DO IT!
Sooo true😂😂🙌
Today I will be trying out for the second time! I will measure my arms before and after the workout. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! #FlexFriday
3rd meal of the day! 6 eggs 50g of cheese Some spicy stuff to confuse the body @1dayumay
Exercising, training and working out is NOT just a thing in my life to make my body better it also helps me be happier and more confident. Long story short training is therapy❤️ Let me know how YOU feel about training down below.
4 meal of the day, just some quick oats, 3 eggs and greek yoghurt. Tasty as faaaahk give it a try! Oh and of course bcaa's in the drink.
Benchpress and bicepcurls💪 what about you?😂😎💪
Sunny weather = Gym Time🔥
NOT SWEATING NOT WORKING! It might be hard to see in the picture but I have a huge sweat mark on my shirt, ahaha anyways my point is do what it takes to get the shit done even if it means you have to sweat a lot. Well it do so get used to it. At least I know that @zacsmithfitness know what I mean ahah💪
THE PATH Everyone's got a path, this is mine(literally, it's right next to my house😂) anyways. Each path is different from person to person, unless you decide to walk in the shadow of somebody else.. Don't do that create your own path, your own journey. Create a story worth sharing and remembering. This is my story, my journey and it has just begun.
Perfect day to a meal outside😍👌🌞
You have to change your mind before you can change your body! Visualize your goal, make a plan and go for it!
BECOME STRONG AND STAY STRONG Today, I almost got defeated.. By my own father. My friends and family already know how great my passion towards fitness is. But my family won't support me, they don't believe that my dream or vision can become a reality. But I believe in myself, I keep fighting through the tough times. I've set a goal for myself, and I won't give up on it. I am going to achieve what I've set up to achieve. Because I'm fighting for what I believe in. Anyone of you guys who's going through tough times I wish you all the best and remember you are not alone. Stay strong.