ANS Rave or as I call it "the anti-procrastination mix" Have a hard time maintaining energy and focus during the day? ANS has created a perfect mix that amplifies executive function and memory, gives you a higher level of cognitive processing as well as incredible high energy in a no crash formula. This is great for studying, focusing at work as well as increasing your workout intensity! It is very beneficial on them low carb diets when you're brain just doesn't seem to want to do anything. Come grab your Rave at Sector 6 Supplements and reap the benefits of this amazing product! . . . #sector6supplements #ans #ansperformance #ansrave #rave #energy #focus #stamina
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Amino Energy Quick Points: -Essential Amino Acid Delivery -Muscle Recovery -Energy and Focus -Made from natural caffeine sources Mix up Essential Amino Energy anytime you want a fruit flavoured or coffeehouse inspired boost of energy and alertness. You can determine what's appropriate for any situation, adding a 2-scoop serving to water for an afternoon pick-me-up or increasing the amino acid matrix to 10 grams with a 4-scoop pre-workout drink that delivers 200 mg of caffeine from green coffee and green tea extracts. . . . #sector6supplements #optimumnutrition #aminoenergy #okotoks #supplements
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BURN-FX Quick Points: (Not your ordinary thermogenic!) -Triggers the release of fat from adipose tissue (fat cells) and prevents starches (carbohydrates) from being stored -Contains a complex blend of pure, ultra pharmaceutical grade thermogenic activators that boost the body’s most powerful fat burning hormones (noradrenaline and dopamine) -Within minutes of consumption expect energy levels to soar, your metabolism to switch into overdrive and your mental focus and concentration to be supercharged Burn FX will shift metabolism into overdrive, increase energy & razor sharp focus and will allow you to lose weight faster than ever. All this while feeling great! . . . #sector6supplements #burnfx #perfectsports #supplements #for #shredding #fatincinerator #okotoks
Muscle Gaining Tips: -Eat 5 Meals per day, increasing caloric intake to result in increased lean body mass, not fat -Eat more complex carbs like whole grain rice, pasta, potatoes etc. -Eat Natural foods instead of process foods -Supplement High Protein weight gain powder if you find it hard to hit your calorie requirements -Wait an hour after weight training to consume your post training meal. If you eat during or right after a workout, this will reduce the response of testosterone and growth hormone. -Do not overtrain!!! This is called cumulative microtrauma and it stimulates the release of catabolic hormones, like cortisol, which breaks down muscle. . . . . #sector6supplements #fitness #muscle #gains #healthytips #healthyliving #progress #motivation #strength #power #success
Allmax Nutrition AminoCore Quick Points: 100% PURE FERMENTATION-DERIVED PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE 45:30:25 RATIO BCAAs - INSTANTLY STIMULATES MUSCLE GROWTH BY 350%†* - 8,180 mg of 45:30:25 PURE INSTANT BCAA POWER - FORTIFIED WITH FATIGUE FIGHTING Alpha K.I.C. - LOADED WITH 7 FORMS OF ANABOLIC SUPPORT B3, B6, B9 & B12! BCAA Quick Points: - Stimulates protein synthesis in skeletal muscle for enhanced lean mass accumulation. - Spares muscle-fuel stores for improved performance and endurance. - Boosts your immune system during intense exercise. - Reduces muscle breakdown (powerful anti-catabolic effects)*. - Along with dieting, BCAAs can help you tap into fat stores while hanging on to hard-earned muscle. - Serves as a fuel source during prolonged exercise when glycogen stores have been depleted (a fact that makes these Aminos unique). - Humans must consume BCAAs, unlike other Amino Acids, we cannot make these on our own. - A full 33% of Skeletal Muscle is comprised of Branched Chain Amino Acids. - BCAAs are the only Amino Acids used directly as fuel by your muscles. - - - - #sector6supplements #okotoks #healthyliving #fitness #bcaa #aminoacids #supplements #nutrition