My tree branches!!love them to death !!
Gym time 🏋🏋
My boy !!
Out with my loves today !! Enjoying my day off !
Definitely following in his dad's footsteps!! Love my son
On my way to the shop book your appointment on the classic styles app today!!💈💈🙏
Stress reliever zone !! Get active!
Lost for words !! I feel number for just hearing about my brother solo. This is a huge blow to the Clipperdons because it's more than a group it's a brotherhood. Who would have know last month was the last time I would have seen you bro !! Your loved and will truly be missed . Your encouragement to my career will not be taken in vain bro !! #clipperdons
Early morning gym shenanigans 😎 #gainz
You might be going through something but your blessed !! Always remember that
Watch who you call friend !! Everyone is not your friend and everyone isn't your brother . Once a person show who they are DO NOT IGNORE IT . But pray for them and stay away from unloyal people , jealous people and prideful people !!
1month to 1 yrs old !! Young Daniel!! My son my heart . #myboy