Happy 30th anniversary to my parents!!!
💫On this day years ago !! The Lord thought so much of me that he made a very special woman for me . My wife!!! She is the best mother me or my son could ask for . She's my top supporter and I'm blessed that God allowed me to share another year with you . Love you baby happy birthday!!
Lol mr cool daddy !! My son
Lol my son is a character 😎😎
Love my father's day gifts from my loves . We went camping last night and I must say I love the tent . Very spacious and nice. Daniel signed his card, got me shoes and a shirt !! #bestdadhandsdown
Happy father's day!!
Happy father's day to me!! God blessed me with the best gift I could have ever asked for . My son has brought me so much maturity , wisdom and laughter . I'm so glad to know he knows his daddy and that his daddy is the first face he sees in the morning and the last face he sees at night . I'm so blessed to have a beautiful family and a abundant of blessings of love. Being a father isn't easy but the love and smiles is what make it worth it ! #loveyouson #blessedcutzapproved
Taper gang !!!