Well this is the #everydayme ! Let me tell you a little about me.... I love my job! I can tell you everything unpleasant that people tend to see or hear about being a CCA / PSW, like cleaning a bowel accident for one example .....I seriously do not mind! If people can do it for their children why couldn't they do it for the generation that got us here anyways πŸ€—!? But seriously, I get to go to work and be goofy! Many of the residents enjoy jokes and love giving compliments so of course I smother them with more compliments πŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸ»! Some may not be in the mood or are grumpy, but let me tell you....don't back talk, keep on with those jokes and you get through with a smirk or even better get them laughing in the end πŸ˜‰! My job is to make them feel the best they can be with everything I got. I am there to make them feel comfortable, ready for the day but really to give care and services just like they were my own family. Families rely on us to take good care of their loved ones and one way to know that we did do a good job is when family members get to go home, feel relieved and know they left their loved one in good hands. #selfie #scrublife #mylife #thisistherealdeal #cca #psw #personalsupportworker #caring #itsallaboutyou πŸ’•