It's funny how I'm going to write this post and people will think it's just some cocky asshole that lifts and has tattoos. No one looks at the sport as an art or therapy or a way of life. I can sit here and tell u how much I eat and the workouts I do but then that would prove the doubters right. There's a lot more behind lifting then just working out and eating. Takes intelligence to know how ur body works. Most people don't know I'm going to school to be a veterinarian, they just see some guy with muscles and think of hes a "meat head" when there so much more to a person. Everyone has their own story, don't judge a book by its cover. #goldenaesthetics #classic #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #tattoos #gym #fitfam #lifequotes #summer2017 #islandgym #hardworkpaysoff #therapy @goldenaestheticsofficial #giantkiller #dannypadilla
Meet the newest member! Lady Garcia
After 4 hours of pain round one is finally done, only 5 sessions left
May not be a steelers fan but I had to rep them. First football of the season n this shit was legendary. I can't wait to go back in December.
Everyone please pray for one of my brothers. He's not doing the best right now so he needs everyone's support. I love this kid with all my heart me I always will. Stay strong Adam you got this!
I'd have to thank these guys for being the best dogs I could ever ask for. You guys give me the love and affection that no person could ever show me and I love you guys to death. Happy #nationalpuppyday to my boys Spunky, Rocco, Dubs, and Dayday.
Man it feels just like yesterday we were celebrating you leaving the marines and look where your at now. I remember for years you telling me you we're gonna be a police officer and I've never doubted you for a second. You have tons of potential bro and I know your gonna go far. I'm truly honored to be able to call you my best friend officer Dooner
Did some wild shit yesterday but I don't regret it
Still wishing I was back at pcb. One of the craziest times of my life but I wouldn't have changed it for anything
Gatta be the realist thing I've read all day. Treat your women everyday like its Valentine's Day.
Shout out @theguystheiimit ur a lucky man and I know you'll do great things with this money