After 4 hours of pain round one is finally done, only 5 sessions left
May not be a steelers fan but I had to rep them. First football of the season n this shit was legendary. I can't wait to go back in December.
Everyone please pray for one of my brothers. He's not doing the best right now so he needs everyone's support. I love this kid with all my heart me I always will. Stay strong Adam you got this!
I'd have to thank these guys for being the best dogs I could ever ask for. You guys give me the love and affection that no person could ever show me and I love you guys to death. Happy #nationalpuppyday to my boys Spunky, Rocco, Dubs, and Dayday.
Man it feels just like yesterday we were celebrating you leaving the marines and look where your at now. I remember for years you telling me you we're gonna be a police officer and I've never doubted you for a second. You have tons of potential bro and I know your gonna go far. I'm truly honored to be able to call you my best friend officer Dooner
Did some wild shit yesterday but I don't regret it
Still wishing I was back at pcb. One of the craziest times of my life but I wouldn't have changed it for anything
Gatta be the realist thing I've read all day. Treat your women everyday like its Valentine's Day.
Shout out @theguystheiimit ur a lucky man and I know you'll do great things with this money
😂😂😂 lit af!
Starting 2016 same way I ended 2015, NYE was lit
Let's go!! After one of the roughest season with injuries and not knowing who the starting QB is to winning the NFC east! I love my squad, don't count em out!!
The division is ours to win!! #httr