matcha waffles? yes, please
for those asking its 'less boyfriends more friends' | case in point, i couldn't be more grateful to all the people who made my day so special yesterday | πŸ“·: @theretropenguin
throwback to warm weather and ice cream sandwiches from @meltbakery . looking forward to all the new markets @urbanspacenyc has planned | βœ‹πŸΌ: @ehgg
casually sitting on a stoop, drinking matcha, listening to tunes with my @sudiosweden wireless earbuds | get 15% off using code 'thenamestesa' | πŸ“·: @hannahlyter
and don't you forget it ❀️
loving this blazer trend! can't wait to get myself a full on suit!! | πŸ“·: @theretropenguin
talk about that perfect morning light
i never leave the house without my headphones, wallet, keys (in pocket), and phone (in hand). they also come in handy to complete a flatlay of the most delicious food | btw using my code "thenamestesa" you get 15% off anything @sudiosweden , so go crazy! it's worth it ✌🏼
unrelated, but, i bought a new comforter and it's like i'm sleeping in clouds | πŸ“·: @rachelleinerphoto
i basically do not take this necklace off. even when i'm at the beach. from the ridges in the moon to the fingerprints on the plate, every detail is perfectly thought out and executed.
@fiveleavesny is truly the greatest. even a breakfast as simple looking as this left us feeling satisfied af. cant wait for a repeat tomorrow with ms regular @michelletorrrres
is memorable mondays a thing? i'm trying to find an excuse for posting a beach pic after 2 weeks of going... | πŸ“·: @sandraj06
beautiful jewelry that also helps the fight for women's rights?? now that's a winning combo | πŸ“·: @aileenchua
and here i thought last week was the last day of summer. loving how hot it is now | πŸ“·: @sandraj06
yesterday was a day full of heavenly desserts and delectable french pastries. today i can't wait to try making some of them myself using @maisonkayserusa 's newest cookbook. i think my first challenge will be the chocolate eclair
watermelon charcoal ice cream with a bubblegum galaxy macaron 😍 check it out @madsqparknyc I'll be going back for more