Kinda an·drog·y·nous
Lost files More art ive sold,lost,gave away, & some fashion drawings. The first painting is one of the first paintings i ever sold, it was a recreation of the day my father killed himself & my mothers suicide attempts in my abstract rendition. Figured I'd give more insight, thankfully art is a great therapy for me, & I'm happy for all the amazing friends ive met on my road as an artist & help ive received on my nomadic travels. #artistsoninstagram #arte #fashionsketch #abstract #meditation #arttherapy #zaviche
#tbt Swipe for photoshoot in chinatown, painting with adorable baby, chilling in awesome penthouse & me smiling 😄
haven't been to the gym in ages obviously, I'm happy i got to workout today, down to go to the gym if invited 🌚🌜 #gym #skinny