A wonderful photograph of Yason Banal and Zenta! Artist/educator Yason is a faculty member of the College of Mass Communications at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Zenta is part of the academe based in Tokyo, Japan. He regularly visits the Philippines for research and is a familiar face in the cultural/art scene. #teachingexhibitions #arteducation #arteducationmatters #zine #zineph #yasonbanal #zenta
Gotta love 'em teachers and librarians! Redentor Luz Jr. (In blue), a librarian from Xavier School, brought with him teachers in Social Studies namely Michelle Saddul, Adrielle Javines, Selene Estaris, and Nikki Viernes. For his thesis, he’s exploring the use of Library collections and programs for teaching. Visit the museum and library to know more about the life and writings of Nick Joaquin aka Quijano De Manila. The exhibition What Do I Say To A Giant? is curated by Thea Garing and is on view until end of November. Photo credit: Lopez Museum and Library. #teachingexhibitions #lopezmuseumandlibrary #arteducation #arteducationmatters #nickjoaquin #quijanodemanila #zine #zineph #theagaring
Artist/educator Peter Fantinalgo studies his Teaching Exhibitions zine collection while on a brief visit to his hometown in Roxas, Capiz. Peter is a faculty member of the Silliman Fine Arts Department in Dumaguete. He is also a member of the BINHI Project, a community-centered endeavor that focuses on informal art education to children and teens, in Barangay Banago in Bacolod. #teachingexhibitions #sillimanfinearts #arteducation #arteducationmatters #zineph #peterfantinalgo
And then there were three. Teaching Exhibitions Volume 3-- Maceda 100: Attitude of the Mind -- is finally out and about! Curator Dayang Yraola will moderate the artist talk tomorrow (October 07) at the CCP main gallery from 3pm to 5pm. This zine is brought to you by Lara Acuin, Iris De Ocampo, Rica Estrada and Lyra Garcellano. Itos Ledesma appears as guest contributor. #teachingexhibitions #arteducation #arteducationmatters #maceda100 #zineph #dayangyraola #laraacuin #irisdeocampo #ricaestrada #lyragarcellano #itosledesma
Excited to be part of this! For those hopping over to the island today, tomorrow and the day after, do check out the 2nd Silliman Fine Arts Zine Fest at the Oriental Hall grounds of the university. Organized by the students of the FA department there are tons of interesting self-published works made by the pupils, teachers and various practitioners out there. Visit their IG pages for more pictures and information on their community based art-related activities! Silliman Fine Arts Zine Fest: Sept 27, 28 and 29. @silliman_finearts @scanmycangs #teachingexhibitions #arteducation #arteducationmatters #sillimanfinearts #zines #sillimanfineartsuniversity #zineph #dumaguete
Nick Joaquin was a vocal dissenter of oppressors. When Martial Law was declared in 1972 the publications that Joaquin contributed to -- Philippine Free Fress and Asia Philippines Reader -- were forcibly shut down. Yet such acts never stopped the man from speaking and writing against the dictatorship. Learn more about the life and writings of Nick Joaquin aka Quijano de Manila in the exhibition What Do I Say to a Giant -- a show curated by Thea Garing for the Lopez Museum and Library. Image one: Portrait of Nick by Danilo Dalena (1981). Image two: A page from Teaching Exhibitions zine. #nickjoaquin #lopezmuseumandlibrary #quijanodemanila #arteducation #danilodalena #teachingexhibitions #theagaring #neverforget #neveragain
The Teaching Exhibitions zines hobnob with the readings Paths of Practice and Suri Sining at the Department of Art Studies (DAS) library of the University of the Philippines. The project, seeded and cooked last summer by the T-Ex crew in the class of Prof. Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez, has now birthed more zines. These are available for purchase (just like those two books) at DAS. Watch out for Volume 3 within October! #teachingexhibitions #arteducation #arteducationmatters #departmentofartstudies #artstudies #zineph #zine