#Repost @patriciadeleonb ・・・ Good Morrrrrrning Familia! 🌞❤️Feliz Lunes! A darle con todo hoy mi gente!! Este próximo miércoles en Bellflower en un seminario acerca de #empoweringwomen porq es hora que nosotros las mujeres nos apoyemos unas a otras, hora de utilizar nuestras experiencias de vida para impulsar y motivar a otras, porq cuando nos unimos hacemos cosas increíbles!! #blessed mujeres #motivacion #positive #happymonday #love #bravabypatriciadeleon #Latina #patriciadeleon #panameña #purposeinlife
#Repost @go2cinema ・・・ A good example of the classic movie making technique of glass matte painting. Part of the background was painted on a piece of glass, which was placed in front of the camera.
We ❤️ @therock! ✌🏼❤️🙏🏼😇 #Repost @therock ・・・ Awesome moment. Dwanta Claus🎅🏾 delivering the world’s first custom made XBOX 1X’s to my Make A Wish kids! It’s truly an honor to have a kid’s “wish” be to meet me, so I try and make it as special as I can. I have a very caring staff around me who reaches out to our partners and friends - every company we call jumps at the opportunity to help make these kids’ day a special one. Thank you to our good friends at @Microsoft and @Xbox for creating these first ever engraved Dwanta XBOX 1X consoles for the kids, before they’re available to the world. Your company was well represented on our set and thank you so much for partnering with us to make it special. Tears of joy and this kind of happiness is the constant indicator that this will always be the best part of my job. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie #Microsoft #XBox1X #Murat #Maria #Emily