It happened again! 🙊🙊 Love it when I get a black and green box delivery! #inov8 These were needed as 2 weeks of #running #trails in Canada destroyed my favourite #roclites. #trailtalons let's see what you've got 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
#running provides #headspace, contemplation time or just time to forget everything. The places we #run to can also provide that. This bench in a lake was unbelievably #relaxing. Much needed time away from the demands of real life.
FINALLY got my new Sony Walkman(!) set up with some tunes!! Boy I've missed training with music. Fantastic #run tonight with plenty of singing and dancing too, 3 lots of #bringsallyup with press ups, squats and leg raises, and a lovely healthy red sweaty glow for afterwards 😁
What's my secret to being a monkey? The concentration tongue, obviously 😛👅 - - - #ocrwc #platinumrig #ocr
So excited to get my #ukmuddqueen crown on the map this week. Did make me laugh too! #Repost @ukmuddqueens ( @get_repost) ・・・ SO much to report from this weekend's parkruns! SEVEN new location crowned, so a special Halloween YAY to: - Kalli "Eerie" Isborne for Basildon parkrun - Deirdre "Deadly" Duffy for Clare Castle parkrun - Tracy "Killer" King for Haverfordwest parkrun - Lorraine "Beastly" Bennetts for Holkham parkrun - Juliana "Bloodcurdling" Bergel for Newtown parkrun - Sue "Witchy" Walker for Sheffield Hallam parkrun, and... - "Haunted" Heather Ratcliffe for Whitby parkrun, Canada! TEN milestones to celebrate as well: - "Spooky" Suzanne Ray joined the MQ parkrun family this week with her Very First Ever! Welcome! - Justine "RIP" Ridgeway and Sue Walker did their second parkruns, and Adrienne "Jack O'Lantern" Jane her third - Dawn "Werewolf" Wood Thirkell and Tracy King did their fifth - Rebecca "Howling" Howard reached double figures, and - Mel "Horror" Harding and Rhiannon "Terror" Thomas both reached 40 parkruns... that red t-shirt is in sight! Well done all. And SO MANY SPEEDIES! Ring the PB bell, please: Justine Ridgway Derrick, Adrienne Jane, Pauline "Wicked" Woodhall, Rebecca Howard, Katy "Wiccan" Williamson, Tara "Hair-raising" Holland, and Becky "Creepy" Copsey. Special mention also to Heather Ratcliffe, who was female First Finisher at Whitby - amazing job Heather! Finally, a HUGE thank you to our fabulous purple-crowned volunteers: Donna Louise "Scary" Sealey, Vicky "Cauldron" Couzens, Candice "Wicked" Woods, Yvonne "Reaper" Rutter, Jo "Demon" Dulson-Cox and Marcia "Fiendish" Fisher. Y'all are all sorts of awesome. Hope that plenty of you were in fancy dress! Hannah P 💛.