One of the locks at #redbullneptunesteps. Even a simple #climb was really tough after having to battle through all that water and current to even get on the wall. Brilliant fun though.
My two aims for #redbullneptunesteps were 1) have fun 2) complete it. The first one was never in doubt, absolutely brilliant event. The second one was tougher! Such a hard event!! #swimming against the current and water coming over and through the lock gates while doing #obstacles was brutal, but I made it! 😊
I'm not the best with technology and often actively avoid it, but I can't hide away from it any longer and had to get a watch for my running...a #casio 😂 It has a stopwatch and a light and that'll do me for the moment 😅 #topformrunning #teamrunflex #watchporn?
So this is happening...starting tomorrow! Running 100+ miles around the coast of Malta over 3 days with @coogee74. To say it's a challenge way outside of my comfort zone is to massively undersell it. It's going to be an epic adventure :)