Final #rig attempt from the other day. Always different set up, always approaching it differently. Practising left hand first, ht hand first, one hand per attachment, two hands per attachment. Variety is the spice of life after all! - - - #ocrtraining #teamrunflex #strengthtraining
So proud of this one and everything he achieves 😍 • • • #Repost @run_lumpy_run ( @get_repost) ・・・ Today is world Neurofibromatosis awareness day. #WorldNFDay17 with the aim to raise awareness of a genetic condition of which many people are unaware, despite it being more common than Huntington’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis and Muscular Dystrophy combined. There will be many events and activities taking place throughout the day, including a members' debate at The Scottish Parliament to raise awareness of the condition. #worldnfawarenessday As many of you know I suffer from NF1 myself and have had numerous surgeries as a result of this. I do my best to not let it affect me in my day to day life and keep myself as active as possible and try to show that my NF does not control or define me. Hopefully what I do raises awareness and provides motivation to others that also suffer from this often devastating condition. #europestoughestmudder #Toughmudder #marathon #thewall
Spent an amazing few days in Scotland and the Lake District last week. So beautiful and tranquil. Thanks to @rkuit for the company and the photo 🙂 - - - #getoutdoors #explore #adventure
Found the Jamaican bobsleigh team while marshalling at #toughmudder 😀