So much going on in this finish line photo from #thesufferingrace. Matt is ferociously driving one of the rugby players backwards over the line, Owen is using me as a shield between himself and the second rugby player, Sue is skipping happily through pleased that there isn't a third one, and Steve.... Steve has found immeasurable delight in the yellow smoke 😂 - - - #mudstacle #bleedyellow #sufferinglegends
So excited to be asked to be involved in this!!! #Repost @cameloteventsuk ( @get_repost) ・・・ Did someone say 4 Laps of the Nuts Challenge is Tough Nuts? We're pushing further! 6 athletes are being invited to go for broke and set new records by doing as many laps of the Summer nuts course as they can within the 4 lap cut off!! Insane? Yes! Nuts? We think so! These 6 have all proven they have what it takes to finish 4 laps, can they reinvent the Nutty scale?! Our first female athlete to be introduced is Heather Ratcliffe of Team RunFlex. Heather is a pocket sized ninja who has been smashing her training out! Can any of the obstacles slow her down? We'll find out on the 5th lap!! #camelotevents #thenutschallenge #runflex #nuts
Yesterday I took hand delivery of these new extra long extra slippery nunchucks from the master himself @foziefabrications. Along with Starbucks coffee and cake. The guy is a proper diamond 😍 Made from nylon 66 engineering plastic with a built in lubricant to aid machining, or in this case slipping! Tested them out tonight on the beach with a few figure of 8s around them 😁 #teamrunflex #rigtraining #gripstrength