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“The first time I grabbed a mic, I got booed. I remember that, it was very traumatic for me. I just remember that being so fucking traumatic, and I think I went home, like man, ‘I quit.’ And then, you know, maybe a couple days later, a week later, hour later, whatever it was, I don’t know, I got the urge, like, ‘No man, I got to get up, got to do it again.’ I think one of my greatest inspirations, or things that I would feed off of, basically was just, obviously, people not believing in the, you know, the cloud of doubt, that kind of, hung over my head, and wanted to just prove everybody wrong, you know what I mean? I wanted to make it, and I was going to make it regardless of what anybody said” — Eminem. #guitar #recording #smilemusic #studio #producer #life #fender #stratocaster #selfie
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