Jim Howard

An evening walk. Autumn truly is a wonderful season. Have a blessed weekend my friends.
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  • WONDERFUL 🍃🌳🍃🌳🍃🌳🔝🔝🔝
  • Pretty fall colours😍
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  • Magnificent 🍁🍁🍁
  • @jimhoward01 Greetings and beautiful My dear friend Jim. Thank you so much for your kind and very inspiring words and thoughts. You are more than welcome to visit Dubai and explore its wonders. It is a very modern city with some amazing historical and natural features. I do hope you can visit. Have a beautiful day.
  • Thank you so much! @conlynbee . Have a fantastic weekend!
  • BEAUTIFULLL ☺😊👏👌👍💚
  • Thank you Jackie, God Bless! @jhwrite1
  • Greetings Dr Salem, Thank you so much kind sir for your wonderful comments. I am glad you like the images. It is a beautiful world that we live in. I truly look forward to a day I may visit your wonderful country. Peace to you my friend. @dr_salem_urban
  • Maribel, thank you so much. Have a beautiful weekend! @bebelrn
  • Hi Biss! No I'm still in Connecticut. I'm not sure about when or where but I am looking at the beautiful town of Savannah GA. We shall see. Have a fantastic weekend yourself. Peace! @bisssmart
  • Thank you Renee! I could definitely use a weekend with Love and Laughter! Peace to you! @_crazy_cool_chick_
  • Oh Fiona, thank you so much. You're making me blush .... You are a doll! @sohoprgirl have a charming weekend my friend.
  • Beautiful!
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  • Beautiful fall images like those remind of some of my best days. Thank you Jim. Well done
  • Beautiful!!!!
  • Happy weekend
  • Jim,did you move?