Coming to Kickstarter May 1st. The world's first 3D Molding Machine enabling quick & affordable production of #plastic, #metal, #candy, #soap and more! -Made in USA- #3dmoldit #madeinusa
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  • Awesome!
  • secondss like less than a minute for all 3??
  • Thats awesome cant wait to see more!
  • @rebeccaorth kickstarter May 1. Let's keep an eye out for more info. Could be a fun toy.
  • What kind of metal is this? A Zinc alloy? Aluminum? If it's steel...I am very impressed you can do this on a desktop device.
  • This is literally the future
  • How the heck do you have so many followers with only three pics?! Hah
  • @diecast_dxb @craftswombman Check out for more info - there is a banner topic that answers most questions! :) Candle-making is possible!
  • Wonder if I could use as a Candlemaking instructor @craftswombman Candle making classes daily.
  • How small can the machine scan? Lets say a hotwheels wheel, can it mold and produce that small? @allforge
  • @rensole It's what we call a 3D Molding Machine - this means the machine can utilize your 3D printed molds and make production of your parts in the fastest way! Check out our community at for more!
  • How does the machine work exactly? Its interesting but im unsure right now what it does exactly and how it works
  • @19john80wayne Sounds great! Feel free to get in contact with us anytime at contact or get our CEO directly at 561-460-6551! :)
  • This is awesome! Would love to see it in action. I'm not far from you guys either. I'll definitely be showing this to the owners of my company at our next meeting. We're always looking for new ways of production.
  • Awesome product.
  • @allforge Cool! If you need a technical writer let me know. I used to work for MakerBot.
  • 😊
  • @prplstitch @rollgameonpoint @heritagebeeworx Thank you for the support!
  • Awesome