Joshua Work

It's been a whole year since I graduated from Catalyst Residential Treatment Center in #brighamcity #Utah ! Making the decision to become sober was one of the hardest and best decisions of my life and so many wonderful things have happened because of it! In the year since leaving, so much has happened including getting married to my wonderful wife and childhood sweetheart @samantha_work97 and becoming fully committed to my goal of one day qualifying for #ironmankona championships ! And it's all thanks to the tools taught to me while in recovery! I hope I can be an inspiration and support for all you recovering addicts out there and all you current addicts who are wanting to quit your use of drugs!! You can win the battle! #treatmentcenter #recoveringaddict #triathlon #triathlete #soberlifestyle #soberliving #soberathlete #lovelife #fightaddiction #swimbikerun #triathlonlife
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