Joshua Work

All the piercings are out!! Kinda miss them but @usnavy here I come!! Gotta get those holes closed up before my physical in Phoenix!! #excited #meps #enlisting #navylife #navydiver
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  • Dude nice! Not bad @cdiebel1
  • 89
  • Ok! @cdiebel1 hey what u get on ur asvab
  • Just et me know. Shoot me a text or something 407-790-0705
  • Ikr haha who knows I might end up in the same boot camp as u
  • Well that would be a lot of fun, wouldnt it? Haha
  • Thank you sir @cdiebel1 maybe we will see each other during our seevice
  • Best of luck my friend
  • Dunno yet lol taking the ASVAB this afternoon
  • Oct. 3. U?
  • And yay @cdiebel1 !!! That's awesome when do you ship out?
  • Thanks again guys!! @jhawkinson97 and @jenn_ahhh01 we should catch up soon!!
  • Hey, same. Im going to be a Boatswain's Mate. Welcome to the best team on Earth
  • Same, you need anything let me know :) you got this 😌
  • I'm always here for you ☺️ you know I'm always a message away. Call or text me anytime ☺️
  • Thanks so much @jenn_ahhh01 and @jhawkinson97 !!! It means a lot guys!! It's kinda a mere wracking process so having support really helps 😍
  • Proud of you :)
  • Proud of you, Josh!
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