Shawna Moulton

Throwback Friday? Why can't I be this skinny again😭😭😭 #throwback #slinny #senioryear #oldie #missthis #needtoloseweight
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  • @maurosonja thank you 💕
  • @maurosonja btw i think your beautiful just the way you are xo
  • Your metabolism slows down if you're only eating one meal a day. You should eat at least 3 times a day...protein, veggies and fruit. Lots of water :). Otherwise Your body will store fat if you dont eat enough.
  • I know and I really only eat one meal a day, plus walking to work and all day at work but nope 😭 this was not long after cheering season,which Is why I was so thin, I was actually in shape😂 oh well @lenaraven7814
  • You'd think you would be the same size at least just bc you walk all day at work! Haha
  • I know😣 I've gained soo much weight since's depressing @lenaraven7814
  • Omg you look so tiny in this!!!!
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