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  • @thelittlelionn Thank you beautiful 😍😍😍
  • your gram is lit 🔥
  • @yurri_who yeah, a curveball to say the least. And to thing, Sungleton wanted to start off the 2pac movie with a prison rape scene! Yikes. Just not relevant to the progress of the storyline. Not to mention the gay Latino gangsters kissin in the kitchen, and the weird drug dealer that makes all of his men strip... why???
  • @sonofparis hella unorganic! Unnecessary and forced #pause All these shows and up doing the same thing and going the same route, down fruity lane #pause
  • That shit was gross 😷 and it turned my stomach , I really feel like that scene ruined the show for me! Me and all my friends all on the same page. won't be watching it anymore. Way to ruin a good show . it was extra and unnecessary
  • ......I knew it!! I haven't even watched it yet and I was already skeptical of his writing things like that in. I bet it wasn't even organic to the story.
  • Yeah that shit was like wtf, even with the part when dude went to go kill that cat on the list, like those scenes could have left out
  • @thegracefulhelper Fucked me up, caught me off guard. And they didn't even show shit.
  • @thegracefulhelper overkill and not necessary to the story. Singleton wanted to start the 2pac movie off with a rape scene. Maybe it's some type of weird infatuation. I already let the druglord in the Speedos that wants all the dudes to strip slide.
  • Yeah that really bothered me. But I know that stuff happens. If it's done in jail I believe if giving the opportunities they will show their self on the streets..... mess up my whole night for a minute.
  • Pretty cool
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