ATX. 21. Capricrn. UT Student.

And there's a code for people like you Always keeping score And you will never make me like you Because I'm colder than before ¥ ¥ ¥ #oldie #spam #blonde #motd #ootd #girlswithgauges #alt #choker #grunge #barbie #fwm #septum #dancegavindance #mood
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  • @erasmussoulforge awww miss ya too man, so glad to hear you left mdizzle and are living your dreams!😌💜 and luckyy I wanna go to Missouri for the eclipse
  • @maddog_daddy thanks Mama love you too and miss you! I finally stopped working at mcdeez. On my way to Missouri right now to see the solar eclipse on Monday
  • @erasmussoulforge 😭😭😭love you suhmuch Josh awe 10/10 will die 4 u man
  • I'm just going to go through all your pictures and tell you that you are fucking beautiful and hot and all that shit.
  • @pure_existence_ thanks so much boo😘
  • So beautiful !
  • @maddog_daddy love you da mostest 😇
  • @xclvirdelune love u suhmuch💜💜💜
  • DGD 💘 and also you're beautiful kbye
  • 😍😍😍