TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY After 1 baby⬆️ after 2 babies ⬇️after 3 babies ➡️ You know what looking at these photos tells me? Getting fit takes time- time each day ⏰and time 🗓over weeks and months and yep, years. I've been fit-ish my whole life, so how I felt and looked after each pregnancy 🤰was a shock. I knew I could get back to strong, but I needed help. After baby 2 (the photo in black, can you see my spanx??? 🙈I literally took them off halfway through dinner I was so uncomfortable!) I started working with a trainer and realized I was working out, but not working smart. Man did my gym sessions get more efficient and harder! After baby 3 I was having a hard time scheduling the gym, so enter bbg at home. I could apply all I learned with my trainer into a HARD home workout and see real success from sweating in my basement. I ❤️ that bbg is mapped out for me- 28 minutes of work with no decisions on my part. So if I keep putting in the ⏰and the 🗓, I know 💪🎉💪 will follow! (And no more spanx EVER. That alone deserves confetti 🎉)
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