Haven't posted a transformation in a while, so I thought why not, it is #transformationtuesday after all 🤷🏼‍♀️. I mainly haven't shared one, because to be honest, I have put a little weight back on and I haven't been on my A game until recently. A few months ago, I was weighing myself every week and found it really discouraging. When I first started, picture on the left, I weighed myself when I started and didn't check again for probably 6-8 months. For me, the scale can be really discouraging. I avoid it as much as possible and try to occasionally check in when I'm in the right mindset. I much prefer this mindset as it allows me to just be. No weight is perfect, and mine fluctuates so easily, so I don't waste my time obsessing about it. Instead, I much prefer to look back at this first picture next to a picture of me from this week. That is that feeling that I DO like. Let's go, Tuesday 👊🏼✨
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  • You look amazing
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  • Awesome work🙌🏽👌🏽
  • Huge inspiration to me right now!! I just started back on my weight loss journey and I love looking at your posts bc it gives me that motivation!! Thank you girl!
  • Hello, did you really used "the 2 weeks diet" to loose weight? This is what's said on the page "weightlossmotivation"
  • How long??
  • Amazing!
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  • You are amazing babe!!!
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  • Love this!! Proud of you beautiful girl! And you look incredible!!
  • Beautiful transformation!!!
  • Always amazed by you and your journey. So damn proud babe 💪🏼💕
  • I love it ❤
  • Omg sophie!! You're amazing!!
  • :)