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What kind of protein should you take? #wheyprotein or #caseinprotein Both of the proteins has its place. The short version is to take whey protein preferably around workout time, so that is pre-, during, or immediately post-workout The short version of casein protein is to take it preferably with meals as a protein supplement and before bedtime. Some of the benefits of Wheyprotein is: - It increases protein synthesis - it has fast absorption - it enhances immune function and antioxidant activity. Some of the benefits of casein protein is: - slow to digest - contains dairy calcium(important for bone health) - appear to be anti catabolic due to it clots in the stomach. #themoreyouknow #followme4more
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  • Dope shot mate
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  • Whey!
  • Neither! Plant based!!
  • I take supplements too😍
  • @maria_g_fit sorry!!😅😩 I will make sure to showcase some plant based protein sources soon 😅
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  • Never had casein, but whey protein is my daily preference.
  • I prefer whey protein
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