#throwbacktuesday here is a quick throwback from the time I was in Florida and tried to shoot REAL guns for the first time, gives a crazy rush😝😂😏 I'm pretty sure the gun in the picture is an AUG but what do I know, hope you have an awesome day and staying productive💪😎 MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW MY ACCOUNT AND TURN ON THE POSTSNOTIFICATIONS🔥🔥↗️
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  • Very nice and cool video
  • Nice one. I wanna try it
  • Ha this looks fun
  • Oh that looks sofun. I like it
  • Woah badass!!
  • Damn that’s awesome, want to try it
  • Very cool this is super awesome looks like a good time
  • Hha that looks fun 💪🏼
  • Perf💣🔥🤘
  • Haha this is so cool
  • That looks pretty nice 😎👍
  • Sick, looks like fun
  • Oh wow, i'd like to try that too
  • @mensfashion_insta 💪💪💪
  • Always wanted to try this lol
  • Love this vid. Keep it up.
  • Headshot
  • @andreibadea_pt I wish my accuracy isn't that good though 😂🤷‍♂️
  • Perfect aim
  • @9ijdillax totally 😂😂👍
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