Thomas Thomsen

Here's a little trick you can use if the weights at your gym isn't heavy enough. Grab a pair of rubber bands and put some extra plates on the sides! Hope you're having a great day today😎💪 #fit #fitness #bodybuilding
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  • Yessss 👌😁
  • Love this outside the box
  • #earnit 💪🏼💯💥
  • @thomasfitnessthomsen ja det kan man se
  • @siljasiggaard og jeg har engelsk A?😂🤷‍♂️
  • @thomasfitnessthomsen Nårh ja, og sides* og ikke sites :))))))) always here to back u up hon
  • @siljasiggaard er rettet nu😂😂✋️
  • rubber* ;)
  • Must be heavy weights
  • coo, those are my needs
  • Keep up the good work 💪💪
  • Hmmm interesting . Good luck
  • Keep it up mann
  • That looks like a perfect one
  • Looks perfect
  • @lafedina welp then you stick to that 😂👋 nah just kidding, as long as it is challenging it is great😇
  • @steffen_notschaele I will😎🔥
  • Haha solid trick
  • This would be the perfect advise unless I can lift barely 3 kilos 😱