Pinnacle Renovations

Cabinet refacing is a surface change, much like painting your car or buying a set of new clothing. It is a new skin. In fact, the language of cabinet refacing mirrors this, with some industry pros calling the cabinet box the "carcass" and the veneer the "skin." We have done some cost effective renos for our clients and they loved them! These are the 3 following categories : Doors and Drawers: Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and replaced, if you want an upgrade. Skinning: The remaining part of the cabinets--the box or carcass--remains in place.We paint or stain the outside skin. Shelves and all other interior parts remain the same. Accessories: As a final step, we will remove and replace fixtures and hinges, if you desire. You can also keep your existing fixtures and hinges if they fit the new drawer fronts and doors.
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