I've kinda burned out on the whole "eggs for breakfast" thing. Today I made a delicious teriyaki stir fry! Loaded up with veggies because as I reflected on my eating yesterday the only veggies I had was lettuce and tomato on my burger for lunch 😳 and I definitely don't count French fries as veggies... . . . I'm no meal prep goddess like but I have a few tricks to save me some time in the kitchen. I had leftover turkey from Christmas and I put them in 1 serving portions in bags and froze them, I also make up a big pot of brown rice at one time and portion off and freeze those too. So when I need a meal I just have to defrost my rice and turkey then add all the fresh veggies or whatever I want to customize. I definitely prefer fresh veggies, but I also buy frozen. @smithsmarket will have their @krogerco brand veggies in sale 10 for $10 often and I'll just grab a bunch (secret: you don't have to buy 10. They'll all still be a dollar.) Frozen veggies already chopped up save a lot of time too.
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