This day 1 year ago my water broke at 22 weeks...stay tuned for the story in my insta stories later today 💗 #adamstwins #hazelrose #juniperpearl #twins #twingirls #identicaltwins #pprom #ppromsurvivor #ttts #tttssurvivors #preemie #nicubaby #preemielife #27weeker #nicugrad #miraclebaby
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  • The days that follow grief are like a roller coaster. Your ending was so happy, but that doesn’t always take the sting out of what you’ve been through. Praying for you as you enter the territory of “one year ago.” ❤️
  • @tearosegarden thank you 💗💗 it’s almost been one year since we met your sweet soul ☺️
  • @annagadams and I’m a better nurse and person for having met you. You and your family make what we do worth it.
  • Thanks for sharing #annastwins God is so good. No matter what He always has our backs. I believe He has used your story and experience through this tough time a year ago to touch others and continue to minister to others.
  • And minister to you two as parents of these precious girls
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