Anne G

Just rewards for exploring/foraging in a new park local to @scrumptiousreads #bunyanut
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  • Wow! Pesto?!
  • 😱definitely need to take Mocha for a walk there!
  • Grind ‘em up and make bunya bread?
  • Just had to google these. Amazing! Oz really has some incredible stuff
  • Sweet!
  • New Park, Old Tree
  • New Park, Old Tree
  • If you haven’t already, google about the festivals the indigenous tribes had in The Bunya Mountains. I was reading a book about it at my mum’s last week. It’s fascinating. The mountain/tree Booburrgen is the mother/boob, and the nuts her milk. My family grew up eating these as the trees were abundant in their country town. Ps. They may cause this 💨 😂
  • @_julespalmer and it was only every 3 years or wasn’t it?
  • @treespiepurr indeed!
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