Nichole Murphy

Hey girls. My M1 today, I'm obsessed with the coffee smoothie. Warning: venting post ahead. I've been going to the doc and was hoping to finally have answers, I don't. That does suck but what probably bothers me most is that I eat #tiuapproved and shove veggies into practically anything I can. I eat mostly plant based and have very few treats anymore. I was told one of my blood tests came back normal but was on the higher end and I was told "well you need a veggie and to exercise." I'm so tired of being tested for diabetes because I'm fat, and then told I need to eat a veggie. I've worked so hard and comments like that just absolutely tear me down. All I want to do is hide and give up, or go back to let's not eat very much of anything except a few carrots a day. Or celery. I'm not sure what they expect me to do. That comment has had me crying for hours and it's stupid. I shouldn't react like that but I can't help it. It's like nothing I've done or tried to do for myself matters. I did do the total body workout tonight but I wasn't into it. Which I'm sure means I didn't do as well As I could have. Ok rant over M1 coffee smoothie, M2 coffee, M3 black bean burger patty and broccoli. Goodnight, if you read all that thanks for listening to my rant. @toneitup @toneitupnutrition #tiuteam #tiucommunity #tiumom #tiuworkingmom #tiuoregon
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  • That must be really hard! Sometimes you really have to push your doctors to get to the root of your problem, or maybe get a second opinion? You’re doing great and taking amazing care of yourself. Don’t give up 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💞💕💗
  • I'm so sorry nichole, doctors never fucking listen. They make judgements about us just by how we look. I had the same problem getting them to listen. You gotta find a doctor who will. I hope they figure it out. Hang in there dude
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