Oki, The Weightlifting Foodie

Tagged by @komissioned_by_keto for an #sds so I needed to come through, even though I wasn’t feeling my best at that very moment. Still here, just burying my head in the books and grinding it out for my degree so I can really take off! The skinny face feels different but really good to show itself because it doesn’t feel “heavy” #sds #stopdropandselfie #selfie #keto #ketoaf #kcko #fatfueled #fatadapted #weightlossjourney #obesetobeast #blerd #gettoknowme @daku_sanda
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  • You look great!! Loving the "skinny face"! lol
  • You doing it bro!!! You keep me motivated! 💯
  • @komissioned_by_keto It’s mutual my brother, as you do the same for me!
  • @daku_sanda 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  • You look awesome! keep it going
  • @ambitiousqueen25 Thank you! You’re doing fantastic as well 🙏🏿🙂
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