Marleen Pauwels

Throwback Thursday. About 19 years ago I made a limited series of etchings after listening to an interview with a man who lost his parents in the holocaust. This particular etching represents the story of people set outside naked while freezing. They jumped up and down in order to not have their feet frozen onto the ground. While I was listening I started to sketch, the small rectangular with the dancing figures represents for me that no matter what they do to you, your inner strength will always conquer the madness. At least that is what I wanted to show and it remains to be one of my favourite pieces. #marleenpauwels #marleenzefizanart #Saatchi_gallery_artist #art_peoplegallery #art_intro #dancing #thoughtprovoking #artwatchers #artstack #artgalleries #artcollector #etchings
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