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I'm not putting this up for vanity reasons (well maybe a little😉). But, I see so much on here about 80 day this, keto that, cross fit, beach body and sooo many others. I'm not here to knock any of those...if they work that is awesome! Way to go...KEEP IT UP! But...that's the problem with most of these things. Can you keep it up? I don't do any...its a lifestyle. Can you do a keto diet forever...I don't think so...your body needs glucose...more importantly...your brain needs glucose. Can you afford beach body...maybe...but its expensive. I guess what I'm getting at is fitness and diet and motivation are things YOU have to have. YOU have to commit to early mornings (or late nights), less TV, less social media, less bullshit basically. I think Nietzsche said, " Tattoos are the external manifestation of of internal pain." Well, I think if you see someone super fit or super unfit this holds true as well. There are times when the gym or a run is the only place I feel sane. It used to be booze but, thankful I found this...and when real pain has come to me (especially in this past year) it got ramped 100x! So, if your sad, depressed, or just not satisfied with where you are in life the first step starts with you. Your physical body is really the the only thing you have 100% absolute control over. Once you get that process going the mental will follow...I PROMISE! I'm not selling anything, representing anything, or espousing any self help, religion, or law of attraction type mind set. Just passing on the only thing that has worked for me...after trying all the above mentioned. If you're stuck, have questions, or just want advice...ask. It won't cost you a thing. #believe #itworks #positivevibes #sober #muscle #selfie #selflove #betterthanyesterday #movingforward #forgiveness #fitness
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