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Nude shades today! Easy peasy😉🙃 Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! ❤️💋 makeup details below... . . . ⚜️BROWS @anastasiabeverlyhills Brow wiz “dark brown” & Dip brow “ash brown” ⚜️EYES @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina “Master palette by Mario @makeupbymario ⚜️LASHES @ardellbeauty “Natural 116” ⚜️LIPS @colourpopcosmetics “Times Square” ⚜️FACE @maybelline “Matte and poreless Fit Me” & concealer @tartecosmetics “Pro Glow | @benefitcanada “Hoola” @hardcandylife “Highlight/contour stick (light) ⚜️HAIR @gloc.hairart @greatlengthscanada #colourpopme #happythanksgiving #makeup #mua #canadianmua #makeupartist #motd #lotd #selfie #makeupselfie #todaysmakeup #greatlengthshair #colourpoptimessquare #abh #norvina #makeupbymario #huda #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #masterpalettebymario #benefitcosmeticscanada #ardellbeauty #ardelllashes #ardell
I’ve been struggling recently w my mental health rather a lot and it got me thinking. I think it’s normal for my depression to fluctuate, get better and worse, especially with the seasons changing and being away from my family (and pets). So yes, I have been getting worse, the pure fact I’ve been getting worse has made me feel worse, all of you w depression will know it’s vicious cycles!!! But HOLY MOLY (as one of my awks seminar leaders loves to say) I’m at uni?!? The people and things in life that have tried to destroy me, nearly succeeded, have completely failed. The best thing about it is those people, I know for a fact, will not get the happiness out of life that I will. Will not succeed how I will. Will not feel true joy and happiness like I will. I am at uni, far from home, surrounded by the most amazing and supportive people. I go home to be surrounded by the most amazing and supportive people. I haven’t achieved that happiness I WILL achieve, not nearly, but I have achieved: independence, strength, love, friendship etc etc. I’m so lucky to be alive, to be a caring, genuine and nice person. To have the ability to understand and always try to understand. Close minded people who say mental illness don’t exist are my pet peeve. “But why would you be depressed your life’s fine”. I wish you all the best of luck, if you’re reading this feeling low or w any mental illness just know that YOU CAN DO IT! :) and mental health does exist and is very very real, speak up don’t stay silent! #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaytotalk #staystrong #health #mind #mentalillness #uni #university #selfie
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
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