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Day 20 of 66 #gymshark66 I realized that I never really smile in pictures, so here is my rarely seen smile 😉 maybe you have noticed that I never speak about my diet. Well, I‘ve been water fasting for the last 15 days. I‘ve done this before and there are so many benefits besides losing a bit of weight, it‘s the mental clarity and productivity and energy you experience while fasting. I‘m not gonna lie - it wasn‘t easy. But hey, I‘m proud of myself for having achieved this and I am so happy to eat again. I just broke my fast and it feels amazing! And I‘m definitely looking forward being able to train properly again! (that‘s the story behind my happy face 😜) . . . #girlswholift #waterfasting #strongnotskinny #waterfast #sweat #instamood #vegan #plantbased #healthy #fitfam #fitness #gymshark #selfie #vegansofig #strong #happy #love #strongwomen #getfit #fitnessgirl #fitspo #instagood #instahealth #inspiration #beauty #fit
Back to back to back triple marker flips!😍😱🌀x3😤
쉰당 신난당 늦잠잘생각에 설렌다요 🌈🌈♥️
I wanted to share a really cool moment I had yesterday with you all. I was sitting on my bed getting ready for school. While I was sitting on the edge of my bed, I leaned over to tie my shoes. During that mundane task, I realized I wouldn’t have been able to do that just a few short weeks ago. Seriously. My back was so messed up, I couldn’t bend or lean over to tie my own shoes. I either kept them tied and slid them on each day or did a weird squat position that helped me reach them. And so in my reflective moment, I literally just stayed there, leaning over, hair dragging on the floor, face smushed against my shins, and let my weird self be so eternally grateful for my body and how far it has come. I guess I ask that today you stop what you’re doing and look down. Look down at your feet, wiggle your toes, breathe, and realize what a gift that is. As long as you have breath in your lungs and those two feet under you, you can do anything you set your mind to. Never take that for granted. Go run, leap, skip, dance, adventure, hike. Go do something instead of just saying you’re going to do more. Okay this is going all over the place so summary: Your body is cool. Life is brief. You are free as long as you are mindful and present. You have the potential to be extraordinary. Now go make the most out of today ✌️