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#TransformationTuesday Left pic ⬅️ my very first progress pic ever back in early December 2012. Middle pic ⬆️ and right pic ➡️ from the last week. Just included middle pic to TRY to compare "apples to apples" with a flat footed pose cuz we all know heels can make a booty look extra poppin! 😉 . So what discussion do I have for ya on these pics??? 🤔 Well, first that's 6 years progress! Progress takes times, especially when you're all natural AND getting older. Speaking of getting older, my second point is that I was 35 back in 2012 and I'm now 41. Even though as we get into our 30s and 40s we're supposed to start losing lean muscle mass (aka sarcopenia) you CAN preserve and even build your lean mass with the right nutrition program and resistance training! . Some basics to note on that matter: . ✔You don't need to lift weights like a bodybuilder but you should lift some weights or use bands or anything that creates some resistance at least 3xs per week. ✔Make sure you're eating enough protein. Rule of thumb 👍 is to eat about 1gram of protein ber 1lb of lean muscle mass daily. ✔Get in these supplements- multi vitamin, Omega 3s, and BCAAs! Ideally you can get it all from your food but it can be tough. Best to cover your bases! . All of the above are within your control! If you have the willingness to put in some effort then you can stay ahead of father time for quite a while! But remember to be patient - clearly for me none of this was overnight and I'm STILL working at it. AND the other thing, be kind to yourself. It's so easy to beat ourselves up if we're not 💯% but no one is perfect. Believe me! I've made tons of mistakes these last 6 years! But, I've never given up on myself! . Best wishes on your transformations! Comment below ⬇️ with any advice you might have or questions you might have for me! . . . . . #transformation #progresspics #progress #bootybuilding #bootybootybooty #ageisjustanumber #foreveryoung #fitoverforty #fitfamily #fitness #igfitness #instafitness #fitspiration #beforeandafter #fitmom #igfitmom #instafitmom #aesthetics #selfie #strong #fitnessjourney #abs #iamspartan #bikinicompetitor #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #muscles