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'Tieniti strette quelle poche persone che non ti dicono mille volte quanto tengono a te, ma te lo dimostrano costantemente, anche con piccoli gesti.'❤
무거운 짐 내가 들어줄께
I bet you're thinking all the women I share on my website must be these immensely confident and fearless super models. Now, while they may appear to be effortlessly ravishing, courageous and unattainably beautiful, there is one important thing you need to consider; each of them faced that same dilemma you face now! Every one of these amazing ladies are viewed in that light because it's one of the core reasons why they decided to take the plunge. They were hesitant to pull the trigger because they couldn't image themselves looking as amazing as “the girls in the photos”, yet every one of the girls in the photos was in that exact same position as you are now! Be sure to check out my portfolio by clicking the link in our Bio.