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Thank you @iamjohnlooney for the “fun” workout....definitely just what we needed. Thanks for not letting us make excuses or quit....I thought my legs were going to give out on multiple occasions. Always a good time working out with @mrsmividaloca ! • • • @extremeironpg definitely has some stand out equipment for those 🍑 gains! 👌🏽😊😊😊 (We will be back for more, sometime!) #fitness #motivation #dedication #determination #mindset #focus #jellylegs #legday #glutes #challenge #change #push #inspiration #inspire #journey #staymoving #keepmovingforward #nevergiveup #competitive
Someday this will feel natural to me....
Can’t wait till my other much larger half gets home!!
Did pull ups with some heavy ass chains today. I used three chains and each one is about 25lbs, maybe, I really have no clue.
Had to go extra hard today to make up for the St. Patrick's day happy hour my job hosted. 🍻 Quads, back and a barbell complex for conditioning. Feeling good after a slacker week lol.
IFBB Pro Kim Santos sporting our new Optimum Fitness t's. He wears them well. My team and I am preparing him for the 2018 IFBBNPC City Limits on April 14th and several other shows this year.
I have a few open slots for online #coaching. #nutrition programming and or #exercise program design. 💯custom and tailored to your needs! Bundle them together for a special price. DM me for pricing and availability! 💪🏻
When your #gymbag looks like a #gnc 🤨😳 • • • See me around? Ask me for a sample! You can find me, most of the time, @extremeironpg Always happy to help out my #ironfamily 💯 CODE: ripped20 👌🏻
I love what I do for a living! I love my family, I love how we GET to jump up in the gym dominate that thang and jump right into something healthy like Herbalife! I love Herbalife and I thank God for it because Herbalife got my and my Heavenly Father relationship closer! For me he helps me run my business. He guides me as I plan my steps but he orders them. I love the grind, I love being World Team, I’m going to love being Active World Team and I am going to love being a President’s Team member and one day a Founders Circle member. See to me that’s my football Heaven AKA Herbalife Heaven! I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle for nothing and it’s only getting better baby! Oh and I love my Woman! Have a phenomenal day! * Link on my bio * * * * * * * #God1st #HDFIT #youcan #Hardwork #Businessowner #Healthylifestlye #Dedication #Billionliveschanged #Summer18 #Nomatterwhat