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Increible #Lanzarote @turismolzt me encanta jaja me lo pasé genial y además de playa se come muy bien 😋 Yo quiero repetir
👀 Good night or good morning? 🌎 Summer or winter days? 😝
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Viirabhadrasana III is the third version of the position of the warrior. It is a position of balance and of stretching forward, which works on the so-called core, that is the muscles of the entire abdominal area, the paraspinal muscles, the diaphragm, the pelvic floor, the buttocks and the flexor of the hip. From the point of view of subtle energies and chakras, it is an asana that makes us work a lot on the third chakra, but not only: in the execution of Virabhadrasana the drishti, the focus, in this case the sixth chakra, plays an important role. Ajna. "Since each chakra represents a perspective of consciousness, the sixth chakra represents seeing, which will bring you revelations about yoga, your life, and the world. [...] The Sanskrit word drishti means "look". What we look at focus on our attention. Where we focus attention, your experience takes place. Keeping your gaze steady can help you keep your posture stable, as happens by fixing a focal point when standing in a balanced position. But your gaze, or drishti, means much more than this: it is also your perspective, what you seek, what grabs or holds your attention. If you focus on what's wrong with you, your practice, or the people around you, it will color your experience. If you focus on appreciating what is good, your inner experience will change. A deeper level of yoga is learning to direct your experience. " (Anodea Judith, Yoga and Chakra, Macro Editions) #ferrara #silviabarbieri #yogayeacher #yogateacherlife #yoga #virabhadrasana #virabhadrasana3 #hatha #hathayoga #hathaflow #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #vinyasaflowyoga #yogalover #yogaeverywhere #crazyyoga #crazyyogagirl #fitnessgirl #stability #ajna #ajnachakra #drishti #lanzarote #lanzarote2018 #lanzaroteisland
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Todo el proceso fotográfico, empieza por una buena captura y finaliza en una buena impresión.
Helplessly hoping for song that feels less real than Helplessly Hoping. - Esperando en vano por una canción que se sienta menos real que Helplessly Hoping [Esperando en Vano].
Adéu... Primavera.
Si realmente quieres lo que dices, no harías lo que haces