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“ I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” - Carl Jung
I am safe and sound in Sydney. Feels so great to be home, greeted by the ever bubbly @provocativemusings 💋😘🙏🏻
Going into this Friday and long weekend with nothing but good vibes 🤙🏻
Sun shades
A day at the Grounds
Life is messy. There’ll be mornings you wake up to soul aching. There’ll be nights you fall asleep heart yearning. Trust; You’re not alone. You’re simply growing. You’re becoming.
To the very tolerant table next to us - I’m sorry 😂 #insidevoice?
n o w o r r i e s
Leopard Print Button Shirt 🍃 💫💫
I could probably fall asleep here 😌 #gardenhouse 🌸☘️🌵🌱🌷
Thankyou to everyone for the LOVE today! I’m a vvv happy gal 😇 #22