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Water colorful painting in Hawaii 😃😃
朝んぽ👣🌴👣🌴 ・ 昨日の朝は風も強く、寒くて…雷ゴロゴロ⚡️雨ザーザー☔️で大好きな朝んぽが出来ず💧 天気予報では、⚡️、☔️、☁️、☀️と4つのマークが付いていて、日本ではそう見られないハワイならではのコロコロ変わるお天気❤︎ ・ 今日は朝から晴れたのでやっとの朝んぽ👣 ・ デューク様はいつも人が映り込むので朝にパチリ🤳 ・ ・ #デュークカハナモク像 #いつだって人気者 #ワイキキビーチ #ハワイ #waiitibeach #hawaii #hawaiivacation #hawaiistagram #tripstagram #하와이여행
Decide to go urban rucking through Waikik this early morning. Duke Kahanamoku. Hawaii's elite waterman back in the early 1900s. Born into a prominent Hawaiian blood, Duke was a gold and silver Olympic swimmer from 1912 - 1924. He went on to popularize Hawaii's sport of surfing around the world and served as a Honolulu sheriff for almost 30 years. He has been inducted in both the Swimming and Surfing Hall of Fame. #photobyblisschild
with my man duke 🤙🏼
That moment when you catch a perfect wave and realize is all yours😍😄💦🏄🏼‍♀️Happy Aloha Friday🌈🌅🌴💖🏄🏼‍♀️💦