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The Upper West Side is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in New York City. Home to many actors, artists and writers, the Upper West Side features a surprisingly leisurely pace of life. It's tree-lined streets, well-kept townhouses and village-like charm make it one of the best spots to live in New York City. Check my Upper West Side listings by visiting the link in my bio!
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“Everyone at one time or another tries to explain to himself why he likes New York better than any place else. A man who worked for me liked it because if he couldn’t sleep he could go to an all-night movie. That’s as good a reason as any.“ — John Steinbeck, @nytimes , February 1, 1953
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10 FUN FACTS EVERY CAVIAR LOVER SHOULD KNOW ⠀ •Did you know the word caviar is not Russian? Russians call it ikra but caviar itself hails from the Turkish havyar which comes from khayah, the Persian word for egg. ⠀ •The oldest written account of caviar dates back to the 1240s during the epoch of Mongol ruler Batu Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan. ⠀ •Most of the world's caviar is produced in the Caspian Sea, which is bordered by Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Iran. ⠀ •The people who make caviar are called Ikrjanschik. Before making caviar they must undergo an apprenticeship that lasts anywhere from 10 to 15. ⠀ •The world's best caviar is produced from three varieties of sturgeon: Beluga sturgeon (Beluga caviar), Russian sturgeon (Osetra caviar), and Stellate sturgeon (Sevruga caviar). ⠀ •Real caviar ranges in color from light to dark gray and yellow-gray to brown-black. Red 'caviar' doesn't come from sturgeon, it is actually salmon roe. ⠀ •Serving caviar with silver utensils is a sin, as the metal adversely affects the flavor of this delicacy, Instead, use spoons made with mother of pearl. ⠀ •The highest quality of Beluga caviar is called Almas, which means “diamond” in Russian. ⠀ •Although it is high in sodium and cholesterol, caviar is rich in calcium and phosphorus, as well as protein, selenium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamins B12 and B6. ⠀ •Caviar should never be frozen, as it will end up mushy. It is best served in a crystal or glass bowl over ice.
In rehearsal for “Rediscovering Seymour” with the incomparable Seymour Bernstein and Brian Mextorf. Come see us at All Souls Unitarian Church this Sunday at 2 PM.
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