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Things I’m loving right now. 1. My @moviepass! 🎥 Seriously might be the best thing ever. I’ve seen more movies in the past 3 months than 3 years. My must-see movies this year are on the blog today! 2. Fleece pj pants I scored on Black Friday for like $3! 🎉 3. My husband having every other Fri off. We have 3-day trips ✈️ planned all year! 4. The @greatestshowman soundtrack (& movie). 🎶 It’s been playing for 2 weeks straight! Have you seen it? 5. Doing more what I love and less what is expected of me. I think “you do you” is going to be my mantra of 2018. What are you loving these days? * * * * * #youdoyou #aboutme #whatilove #thingsilove #lovinglife #abmhappylife #thegoodlife #travelitmore