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Alguém já usou um banheiro com uma vista dessas? hahah 😍🇺🇸❤️ #newyork #usa
The pain is a struggle to keep on pushing.
Look up from time to time, you wont regret it
Parabéns pra mim porra !!!! 22 anos na pista e só tenho agradecer a Deus por ter chego até aqui, muita fé nessa minha caminhada e nada me abala. 💵🔥✌🏾💪🏾
Fantasizes romanticism with ➖ sock enthusiast
Fuck wrong wit dis nigga "Gcode"
I feel like deleting all these pics IG has push my fone to its limits. It shuts off every I take a pic it just shuts off..I'm ready to delete all my pics and's all the same shit everyday.record wake &bake..later on record me taking a hit and some old graf that I did in like 2000...please ...spare me
Zombie since 15 🍄 Bc niggas like to complain I got a 1340 on my sat high having studied 0 mins
Un gran error es arruinar el presente, recordando un pasado que ya no tiene futuro.🙏🏻
All chalk
Daily Tarot: In Between Worlds . I get a tactile sense of friction with 5s in tarot. If you’ve had a reading with me and we’ve pulled a 5, you’ve probably seen me close my eyes and gesture with my hands like I’m crumpling paper as I talk about the card. Pulling #55 Between Worlds is helping me understand and communicate this feeling of five-ness differently. It’s a sense of activation, a catalyst, two things colliding in order to then burst apart in expansion. It’s hard to be between worlds, but the friction and the pressure of two experiences at once will create an expansion within. There’s a place for you in both worlds, the friction means you don’t get torn between the two. You will burst open in growth, so you can operate in multiple worlds simultaneously. This image of hands reaching from two sides indicate a spot of both/and, saying you are here in the middle expanding ever outward. Everything leads to you, everything comes from you, everything connects in you.
Good times with @hbo and all the influencers, artist and creators pushing culture forward #speakeasy451
Dat Boi up to No Good.. "Saint Jerome "