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🐲🔮🌈🔥30 is feeling pretty good so far. 🔥🌈🔮🐲
Side pony game on point.
Going out in my backyard
Catch that right hook. Getting ready for some fun stuff with some associates, keep an eye out!
[BREAKING NEWS ITS TIME TO GET OUT OF THE BOX] In today’s society there are so many restrictions, opinions, labels, judgements, limitations about who we should be. 😫 We get placed in a box that prevents us from being our true self. Told we should do this or be this way or live up to certain expectations. 🕋📺 It’s time to remove the box and throw it in the fire 🔥 Drop into your true essence and who you really are and own all parts of your self. Authenticity is the key to freedom within your self. You only have one YOU! 🙏 Step in to your self and STEP UP 🙌
Boardner's is an awesome place. Really great vibe in an historic location. Great bar...Bring your vapes and trapes and chill on the patio and treat yourself to some laughs! #420friendly #comedy #standup