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🇦🇲Premiere🇦🇲 Tigran Asatryan - Varders
This lighting was NOT COOL, but I was super happy to get a photo with Brandon Summers. I saw The Helio Sequence tonight at the Lodge Room in Highland Park and before I took this photo I told him he should eat across the street at Follierios hahaha #pizza #theheliosequence #highlandpark #la
I want to take a moment to pray for you and your family. This is for anyone who needs to hear these words of encouragement, I pray that God gives you and your family the strength to endure any situation you're experiencing at this time. In Jesus name, Amen 🙏 🎯💪. DOUBLE TAP 💯 . 📸 : Love this from @rodbillionaire 👌 ▶️ In The Gym Going Hard 🎧 🎯💪. DOUBLE TAP 💯 . 👉 Follow @rodbillionaire 👈 👉 Follow @rodbillionaire👈 . .What's good world Rod Billionaire here with my new single "In The Gym Going Hard" available for free on my website "" Link in bio. Also available to stream on SoundCloud @RodBillionaire This song is my first radio friendly single, I wrote it with absolutely no curse words. I love it, my family loves it & it feels great knowing that my fan’s are loving it as well. The ultimate workout anthem. feel free to replay this song as many times as you like. 🌠🌠🌠▶️ @rodbillionaire 🌎 Feel free to re-post and don't forget to tag 🌎 Follow ⚠️ Turn on post notifications is a must ⚠️ . .
Hey, I'm back with some asmr eating. I'm eating some chips and it taste super amazing. I forgot what the brand was but if u eat one of the popular chip in LA let me know😘😝
Видео, которое, возможно, лишило семейных коучей работы (нет) 😁🙌 и, конечно, же я очень жду от вас много дебилайков, а то Инстаграм в конец охренел 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #liyamur_video
😎😍😘mi perris 😋😊
Hey you got a smile that can light up this whole city☺️💕🌃....
6 years strong !!! Thank you for the love @tatingnong Let's get back our real bodies ❤